Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I have had the privilege of being in revival this week at the Trinity Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. Trinity is one of the older churches in Fort Worth and the membership of the church is mainly that of Senior Adults. The Lord has richly blessed the week of revival. The one thing that has jump out to me during the week is the hunger of God's people for hearing the word of God. I have been amazed at the receptiveness of the congregation to the great truths of God's Word. It simply reminds me again that the sheep of God just want us to feed them the word of God. They want something of substance in order that they can deal with the difficulties of life in a godly way. I have come again to the fresh realization that faith comes from hearing and hearing the Word of Christ. I pray that God would raise up more men who will faithfully teach the Word of God to the people of God.

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