Friday, May 30, 2008

My weight lifting is starting to pay off. I hired Dock Parker of Spectrum to be my trainer last October. I work out with him 3 days a week. Today we were testing my leg strength to see how much I could lift. I had just finished my Friday workout doing 20 squats at 175 on the machine. I asked how much I might be able to do with free weights. He guessed about 500 lbs. By the time we took this picture I was doing 600 lbs. After this picture we add 90 lbs more and I was able to do 690 lbs not just once, but eleven times.
I was shock, but a great lesson learned about perseverance - staying with the situation, will do nothing but make you stronger.
Monday we are going to see if I can do over 900 lbs at least once. Stay tuned to see!

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