Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I just finished reading Don Whitney's book Simplify Your Life and found several statements that we very helpful for me.
  • Our calendars are full, but our souls are empty.
  • Meditation is the absorption of Scriptures
  • Goal is not just to read the Bible, but to know God
  • Jesus prohibits the repetitive prayer because we are prone to pray that way.
  • Pray through your planned day
  • To begin my day without any sense of the lord's will regarding my plans, or to begin my work without committing them to the Lord, reflects the same independence that brought sin into the world.
  • Journaling assists in creating and preserving a spiritual heritage, in clarifying, articulating insights and impressions, in monitoring goals and priorities and in maintaining the other spiritual discipline.
  • Develop the sound of silence
  • Clarify your ambitions and you will simplify your life
  • Computers do not upgrade intimacy with Jesus
  • Take action to fulfill desires
  • Contentment helps focus on right priority for life.
  • Physical activity is a necessity of life.

Simple truths that can help in life.

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